Saturday, October 24, 2015

Check out my buddy Cary Polkovitz's new project UKIYO and give him whatever support you can!

Friday, October 23, 2015

I still don't have enough to get my laptop back from the pawn shop. Can you help?

We were doing so well this year too. Being broke is expensive!

OBVIOUS PLANT goes to the library! Well the front of the library anyway...


FLASHBAK examines butts. Album cover butts that is.

What was with the massive amounts of album covers featuring butts in the 1970s (and early 80s)? Call me crazy, but I’d say it’s the most repeated theme of all time. There were plenty of musicians that tried to be artistic, but not every artist had the creative juice to create a Sgt. Pepper. Mostly, records just featured a blah picture of the band, or some cheesecake…. and when they opted for cheesecake (which was pretty damn often), it defaulted to butts. I could show you thousands of examples, but that would be a booty overload. Instead, I’ve lovingly handpicked a selection for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy...

The lights are still on, my daughter is still doing great and all I need to do now is rescue my laptop from the pawn shop!

I am a LOT less down in the dumps than I was earlier this week and you folks are a big part of that.

And don't worry I am writing those Binder of Shame installments in pencil and paper so we can stay on schedule.